Professional Year Course


Professional Year course is a 44 weeks program with 12 weeks of internship component embedded in the course. The requirements for each PY course are different as below:


Professional Year Courses are specifically designed to enhance the employability of international graduates wishing to work in Australia. Each course integrates business communication and business culture training with career development skills to help students achieve their goal of working in their field in Australia.

Completing the Professional Year Course comes with several perks:

  • You will be eligible to claim 5 migration points towards your permanent residency application.
  • The program will assist you in making a smooth transition from student life to professional life.
  • The PY program assists you in developing professional communication skills as well as enhance your knowledge of Australian workplace and work culture.
  • You will have an opportunity to work in a real work-place setting during your internship period.
  • The program will assist in enhancing your career prospects in your field of education.
  • You will have a great networking opportunity with industry professionals and peers.

Professional Year in Information Technology (ACS)

Professional Year in Information Technology (ACS)

ACS professional year program is mainly designed for those students who have completed their bachelors or masters degree in IT or ICT. Under this course, we shape our students with extensive training and skills required for the job placement which allows them to enter into the Australian IT industry.



Professional Year in Accounting (SMIPA)

Accounting professional year course is mainly designed for accounting graduates from the Australian universities to enable them for potential job opportunities based on their interests and expertise . (This course is available for Australian accounting degree holders as a result of two years of study). This course is available to accounting graduates.

Also, successful completion of this course adds some points in General skilled migration test as well.

Professional Year in Engineering (EEA)

Professional year in engineering is mainly designed for those students who have completed their engineering course in Australia. This course enables engineer graduates to enhance their employment skill which helps them to work as an engineer in Australia.

Moreover, this 44 weeks-long course allows an individual to withstand all the traits and qualities an engineer should possess in their professional career.


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